Workshops and Lectures

My passion is to create interactive discussions, lectures, and workshops that ignite the power of imagination and nurture creative processes. My intent is for every participant to gain greater confidence in their personal uniqueness and to take home an abundance of “ahas” for their creative expressions.

All my presentations are based on three insights that have been vital to my own creative process. They are:

  • The power of movement for bringing ideas into being
  • The power of silence for tapping into our intuitive guidance
  • The power of trust for overcoming our fears and doubts.

Groups that have benefited from these presentations include:

  • Museums and Art Councils
  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Quilt Guilds
“Everywhere I go I find people waking up to their creative energy and moving into the world in unique ways.

They are using the power of creativity to heal their mind, body, and soul; to discover their personal uniqueness, and to create a world that is sustainable for many generations to come.”
— Dottie Moore 

Each lecture and workshop is custom designed to meet individual and group needs. Free planning consultation available.

For information contact Dottie at:
Dottie Moore
1134 Charlotte Avenue
Rock Hill, SC 29732